VICTOR M-77 Radio TV Cassette Recorder


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  • Manufactured Date 1976 of August
  • A radio, television, and cassette recorder that can receive and receive radio (FM/SW/MW) and television (VHF/UHF) with this one unit, and can also record and play back.
  • It is an outdoor type that can be easily carried anywhere.
  • 4 power supply methods (power line, dry battery, car battery, rechargeable battery) that can be selected according to the purpose are adopted.
  • Uses an electronically-tuned non-contact tuner for TVs that is less likely to malfunction.
  • Equipped with an image flip switch that allows you to flip the TV image up or down according to the placement.
  • FM/SW/VHF/UHF 4-band common rod antenna is adopted for easy operation.
  • Equipped with high-sensitivity meter for dry battery consumption, recording level, and radio tuning meter.
  • Uses an easy-to-use piano-style cassette button
  • Separate tone controls for bass and treble
  • With cue mechanism
  • With review mechanism.
  • With Bose (pause) mechanism.
  • ALC (Built-in automatic recording level adjustment circuit.
  • Uses a variable monitor system.
  • Equipped with an auto-stop mechanism.
  • With sleep timer device
  • Uses microphone mixing method.
  • Mid-wave broadcasting (MW) With a beat cut switch that eliminates noise during recording.

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Channel: VHF#1~12 In Japan And UHF#13~62
Radio Reception Frequency:
FM 76~90MHz
SW 3.9~12MHz
MW 530~1600kHz
VHF/UHF Electronically Tuned Contactless Tuner
Picture Tube: 3-Inch, 40 Degrees Deflection
TV/FM/SW Rotary Rod Antenna
SW/MW Ferrite Core Antenna
Antenna Terminal: 300Ω Balanced Type For VHF/FM
300Ω Balanced Type For UHF
Semiconductors: ICs 4, 38 Transistor, 1 FET, 53 Diodes
Speakers: 12cm Round Speaker x 1 Piece (4Ω)
Cassette Used: Philips Type Cassette
Track Method: 2 Tracks/Monaural
Monitor Method: Variable Sound Monitor System
Rewind Time: Within 100 Seconds (Using C-60)
Fast Forward Time: Within 100 Seconds (Using C-60)
Wow Flutter: 0.3% (WRMS)
Recording Method: AC Bias Method
Erasure Method: AC Erasing Method
S/N ratio 50dB
Frequency Response: 80 ~ 10kHz
Microphone Terminal: 60dBs (0.8mV)
External Input Terminal: -30dBs (25mV)
Built-in Microphone: Electret Condenser Microphone
Audio Output Power: 3.0W Maximum (2.0W At 10% EIAJ Distortion)
Power Source: Power Line (AC 100V 50/60Hz), 6 D Batteries
Rechargeable Battery (BP-001Z) Or dc 12V Output From Automobiles And Large Boats
Power Consumption: 12W AC
External Dimensions: Height 30.5 cm Width 39.2 cm Depth 12.5 cm
Weight 5.1kg (Main Unit Only, Batteries Not Included)

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