VICTOR DT-676 Demonstration Cassette


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A demo tape, which is really short for demonstration tape, is the music industry’s equivalent of a resume. It is a sample sound recording of a song or songs that a hopeful artist uses to catch the attention of record labels and producers. Though initially the demo tape was almost exclusively in cassette tape form, a cassette tape be used today


1 in stock

Product name: VICTOR DT-676
Series number: VGT12C2-V01
Time period: 1976
Tape type: Type I
Songs: 1-Nakamura Hachidai Grand Orchestra – Romeo And Juliet (Nino Rota)
2-Woman Of Arles Suite No.2 Farandole (Bizet)-Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Comments: It is a demo tape that seems to have been attached to an Victor cassette tape recorder, but the details are unknown. The A side contains music for listening, and the B side is blank.

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