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A playback-only personal cassette deck equipped with an FM tuner. Equipped with a wide-band FM tuner, you can enjoy FM broadcasting and 1ch to 3ch TV sound.
A slide type is adopted for the tuning dial, and the just point can be confirmed by the LED indicator. One-touch change between FM and tape is possible, and if you press the FM button even during tape playback, it will switch to FM broadcasting. The software mechanism which used the DC governor motor is adopted as a mechanism part. The 2-position tape selector corresponding to a metal tape is carried. The line out terminal which can be connected to a deck is carried. It is equipped with a monitor mechanism, and when you pose it, you can listen to external sounds with the built-in microphone. The battery indicator is carried. The 6-step rod antenna is carried. The dry cell drive is adopted as a power-source part. You can also use AC100V or a car battery by using an adapter (sold separately). It is equipped with functions such as rewind auto play, cue & review, and auto stop. Headphones are included. There were two color variations, silver and black.


1 in stock

Type: Cassette Deck for Stereo Playback Only
Receive Frequency: 76MHz~108MHz
Head Configuration: Reproduction: High Hardness Permalloy Head
Motor Used: DC Governor Motor
Frequency Characteristic: 30Hz~16kHz
SN Ratio: 57dB
Wow and Flutter: 0.05%WRMS
Power Supply: DC6V (4 C Batteries) Car Battery 12V (Using Optional Adapter) AC100V (Using Optional Adapter)
Battery Life / Continuous Playback Time: Approximately 8 hours (Neo High Top) Approximately 16 Hours (Alkaline Battery)
External dimensions: Width 215 x Height 118.5 x Depth 113 mm
Weight: About 1.9 kg (With Dry Cell む)
Attached: Headphone, Dubbing Cord, Audition Tape
Sold Separately: AC adapter QZA90667X (¥ 2,700, Service Parts Handling)
Car Battery Adapter RP-917 (¥ 3,800)

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