SONY XF-3000 Media Portable Component


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SONY XF-3000


  • Manufactured Date 1980 of January
  • Light Line Power Battery Pack (BP-70 Sold Separately) 12V Car Battery. 3 Power Supply Methods That Can Be Used Properly According To The Location. A Charging System In Which The Battery Pack Is Constantly Charged While In Use On Power Line Power.
  • Once You Prepare, You Can Connect With A Single Touch.
  • Tape Copy And FM Air Check By Connecting A Tape Deck
  • Built-In INS (Impulse Noise Suppressor) Circuit.
  • Comes With A Mode Switch That Doubles As An FM Muting Switch.
  • You Can Listen To The Opposite Side Of The Cassette By Switching With One Touch.
  • Fast-Forwarding Auto-Play That Automatically Moves To Playback At The End Of Rewinding Play Mechanism.
  • Dolby NR Reduces Tape Noise And Reproduces Beautiful Sound
  • Metal Tape With Excellent Frequency Characteristics And Dynamic Range
  • Anti-Rolling Mechanism For Less Vibration And Frequency Control Servo Motor For Less Uneven Rotation.
  • Microphone Mixing Function.
  • Audio Muting Switch That Can Reduce The Volume At Once

Available colors:

  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Black



1 in stock

FM Tuner Section
Receiving Frequency: 76 ~ 90 MHz
Antenna Terminal: FM/AM Combined Use Rod Antenna
Dedicated Car Antenna Connector For Both FM/AM
Can Also Be Used As A Car Antenna Connector For FM. 75 Ω Unbalanced Type
Intermediate Frequency: 10.7 MHz
S/N: 4.5 μV 50 dB(IHF)
Effective Selectivity: 50 dB
Stereo Separation: 30 dB (1 kHz)
AM Tuner Section
Receiving Frequency: 530 ~ 1,605 kHz
Antenna Terminal: FM/AM combined use rod antenna
Dedicated Car Antenna Connector For Both FM/AM Dedicated Jack For AM
Intermediate Frequency: 455 kHz
Practical Sensitivity: 25 dB
Tape Recorded cassette tape
Head: Play Head
Track System: 4-Track 2-Channel Stereo
Frequency Characteristic: 40 ~ 14,000 Hz
Playback S/N: 52 dB Dolby Effect 8 dB
Tone Control: Bass ±8 dB (100 Hz), Treble ±8 dB (10 kHz), Loudness +6 dB (At 100 Hz 10 kHz, -30 dB)
Wow Flutter: 0.12 % Or Less (WRMS)
Fast Forward/Rewind Time: About 2 Minutes (When Using Tape C-60)
Circuit Method: BTL
Circuit Input Terminal: Phono Input (2 Pin Jacks), Minimum Input Level 1.5mV, Input Impedance 47 kΩ, Mixing Mic Input (Minijack 1 Piece) For Low Impedance Microphones
Output Terminal: Tape Recorder Output (2 Pin Jacks), Rated Output 0.66 V (At 47 Kg Load), Load Impedance 47 kΩ Or More
Speaker Output (Dedicated Speaker Jack) Using The Included Dedicated Speaker Connector. Speaker Impedance 4 ~ 8 Ω
Headphone Output (1 Standard Stereo Jack) Load Impedance 8 Ω
Other Terminals: Ground Terminal For Phono Input
Practical Maximum Output: Total 30W (15W + 15W) EIAJ/DC
Audio Muting: Volume 13.5 dB
Power Supply: AC 100V, 50/60 Hz. DC 12V.
AC Power Socket: Rated AC 100V, DC Power Socket Rated DC 12V
Power Consumption: AC 28W
External Dimensions: 170 (Width) x 235 (Height) x 279 (Depth) MM
Weight: 8.9 Kg (Not Including Accessories)

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