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SONY JHF 90 Audio Cassette Type II


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Brand: Sony
Model: JHF
Tape Length: C – 90
Country: Japan
Release Year: 1978
Timeline: 1978 – 1981
Sort: JHF
Series: Complete series
Position: Chrome
Tape Type: Type II
Rating: Rate

Tape type TypeⅡ
Magnetic material ULTRA-γ
Maximum residual magnetic flux density 1,500 gauss coercivity 580 oersted square ratio 0.87
Bias 105% (CR standard tape deviation)
Sensitivity + 2.0dB (〃)
Frequency characteristics 0dB (8kHz, 〃)
-0.5dB (12.5kHz, 〃)
Maximum output + 2.0dB (333Hz, 〃)
+ 1.0dB (10kHz, 〃)
Unevenness of sensitivity 0.5 dB or less Output fluctuation 0.5 VU or less Bias noise -61.5 dB
Transcription 60dB
Erasure 65dB

It is a successor to Sony’s chrome tape “CR” and is a cassette for chrome positions.
“CR” used chromium dioxide as a magnetic material, but the magnetic material of this product is “ULTRA-γ” (ultra-gamma), which is an ultrafine particle of cobalt-added iron oxide with uniform crystals. The electromagnetic characteristics are matched to the chrome position.

The cassette body adopts a newly developed “DP mechanism” (Dual Protection Mechanism). The combination of a sheet with streaks and a hub with steps greatly improves hub play and tape winding. It is said that sound quality has been improved by stable tape running and reduction of modulation noise.
The package will change to a method that prints the product name, product description, etc. on the exterior film (shrink), and when the film is peeled off, it will be a simple design index card in a transparent plastic case, a style that became mainstream after the 1980s Was adopted.
The basic design of the package and the body label is the same as the “DUAD” renewed at the same time, whereas the conventional Sony product package was color-coded by recording time, while the color of this product was color-coded It is silver.
After the launch of this product, the “AHF” was released, and the existing “HF” and “Low-Noise” were renewed to “BHF” and “CHF”, respectively, and the “HF Series” was configured. It was.

This “HF Series” shows some changes in the description of the package and cassette body depending on the time of sale.
The main point is the display of the tape type, because the IEC name “Type” display was not widespread at the beginning of the release, the tape type description is “CrO2 POSITION …”, but since mid-1979 In the later version of the release, the display changes to “TYPE II (CrO2) POSITION …”.
The image product at the top (top) of this page is the initial version.

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