SONY CFS-66 FM/AM Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder


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  • Manufactured Date: 1981 of March
  • Metal Tape Compatible, 3-Position Tape Selector (NORMAL/CrO2/METAL)
  • AMS (Automatic Music Sensor) REC That Can Cue Songs With MUTE Function
  • 2-Motion Soft Eject For High-Grade Decks
  • 2 External Microphone Inputs, Front-Mounted Headphone Jack With Mixing Volume
  • With sleep function
  • LINE IN OUT Terminal, External Speaker Can Be Connected

Available colours:

  • Silver


1 in stock

Receiving Frequency:  FM:76 ~ 108MHz
AM: 530 ~ 1,605kHz
Antenna:  FM: Rod Antenna
AM: Built-In Ferrite Bar Antenna
Track System: 4-Track 2-Channel, Stereo
Fast Forward Time: About 1 Minute 30 Seconds (Using Sony Cassette Tape C-60)
Rewind Time: About 1 minute 30 seconds (Using Sony Cassette Tape C-60)
Frequency Characteristic:  40 ~ 13,000Hz (Using METALLIC Cassette, TAPE SELECT Switch: TYPE IV)
40 ~ 12,000Hz (Using JHF  Cassette, TAPE SELECT Switch: TYPE II)
40 ~ 10,000Hz (Using BHF Cassette, TAPE SELECT Switch: TYPE I)
Wow Flutter: 0.08% (WRMS)
Speaker: 2 Way For Bass 16 cm Diameter 2 Pieces
For Treble 4 cm Diameter 2 Pieces
Maximum Output: Overall 7W (3.5 W+  3.5 W) EIAJ/DC
Input jack: Two Line-In Jacks (Pin Jacks)
Minimum Input Level 0.25V (-10dB)
Input Impedance:  47kΩ
1 Mixing Mic Jack (Mini Jack)
Minimum Input Level 0.78mV (-60dB)
For Low Impedance Microphones
2 External Microphone Jacks (Minijack)
Minimum Input Level 0.39mV (-66dB) For Low Impedance Microphones
Output Jack: 2 Line Output Jacks (Pin Jack) Rated Output 0.49V (4dB) At 47 kΩ Load
Load Impedance 10 kΩ Or More
2 External Speaker Jacks (Mini Jack)
Speaker Impedance 4 ~ 8 Ω
Headphone Jack 1 (Stereo Standard Jack) Load Impedance 8Ω
Power Supply: AC 100V 50/60Hz
DC 12V Uses 8 Batteries UM-1 type (IEC Name R20)
AC Power Socket Rated AC 100V Use The Supplied Power Cord DK-33H
DC Power Jack Rated DC 12V
12V By Connecting The Separately Sold Car Battery Cord DCC-120 From The Car Battery Or From The Car Battery Cord.
Connect The DCC-240 To Use From A 24V Car Battery
Power Consumption: AC 13W
Battery Life: About 14 Hours (EIAJ) When Using Sony Dry Battery
About 26 Hours (EIAJ) When Using Sony Ready Alkaline AM1 Batteries
Dimensions: 520 (Width) × 252 (Height) × 146 (Depth) mm
Heavy Weight: Including Maximum Protrusion, Excluding Handle 6.5 kg Including Batteries, Excluding Other Accessories

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