SONY CF-1780 FM/AM Radio Cassette Corder


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SONY CF-1780


  • Manufactured Date: 1978 of September
  • Auto Shut-Off Mechanism (FWD/REC)
  • Pause Mechanism
  • One-Touch Recording Method
  • Cue & Review
  • Sony Automatic Recording System
  • Mixing Mechanism

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  • Black


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Circuit Method: Superheterodyne System
Receiving frequency: FM 76 ~ 90 MHz, SW 3.9 ~ 12 MHz, MW 530 ~ 1.605 kHz
Antenna: FM/SW – Rod Antenna, MW Ferrite Bar Antenna
Radiation Field Strength: 15 μV/m Or Less At A Distance Of 100 m
Tape Speed: 4.8 cm/s
Recordable Time: 120 Minutes Round Trip With Cassette Tape C-120
Frequency Characteristic: 50 ~ 10.000 Hz
Input Jack: Microphone Input Jack Low Input Level 0.2 mV For Low Impedance Microphones
Minimum Input Level 0.1 V
Input Impedance 300 kΩ
Output Jack: Line Out Jack
Nominal Output 0.5 V (100 kΩ Negative Time)
Load Impedance: 10 kΩ
Monitor Jack: 8 kΩ For Earphones
Other Jack: Remote Control Jack
Common Part: Transistor FET 1 Stone (Built-In Microphone) 22 transistors, 14 diodes (Transistor 13 For Reception Using Stone)
Power Supply: AC 100 V 50/60Hz, DC6V For Reception (4 Dry Cell Batteries UM-1, Or Battery Pack BP-8) Can Be Used From A Car Battery
(Using Sony Car Battery Cord DCC-127)
Power Consumption: AC 8 W
Practical Maximum Output: 2.000 mW (EIAJ)
Speaker: 12 cm
Battery Life: Approximately 16 Hours On Sony Super Dry Battery UM-1. Continuous Recording From Microphone Possible
External Dimension: 340 mm (Width) x 224 mm (Height) x 103 mm (Depth)
Weight: 4.1kg (Including Attached Battery)
Cassette Tape x 1
Earphone x 1
Dry Battery Super UM1 x 4
Power Cord x 1
Head Cleaning Stick x 1
Accessory Case x 1

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Head Cleaning Kit – KK-1
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