SONY BE-7 Cassette Demagnetizer


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  • Manufactured Date: 1973 of March
  • Size: 44 mm (Width) x 117 mm (Height) x 112 mm (Depth)
  • Weight: 1.1 kg


1 in stock

The Sony Cassette Demagnetizer BE-7 is a cassette tape (Sony magazine tape, etc.) demagnetizer that uses a strong permanent magnet and does not require a power source, so you can easily erase unnecessary recorded content anywhere. It’s very convenient.
How to demagnetize
1. Insert the tape detent (supplied) into the reel hole, making sure that the tape of the cassette to be degaussed does not slacken.
2. Open the inlet lid of the demagnetizer, insert it along the groove in the lid (see the diagram on the side of the lid), and take it out from the outlet.
3. Change the direction of the tape and pass it through the demagnetizer again. The contents will now be deleted.

☆Please be aware that if the tape is slack or if you do not install the tape stopper, there will be a portion that will not be demagnetized.
☆If you accidentally insert something with a broken anti-erasure tab into the slot, it will not come out. In this case, tilt the cassette slightly to the right and lift it up to remove it.

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