SHARP GF-828ST Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder


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  • Manufactured Date: 1980 of June
  • Soft Eject

Available colours:

  • Silver
  • Black


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Type FM/AM stereo cassette tape recorder with 2-band radio
Radio section
Receiving frequency FM76~108MHz、AM530~1605kHz Intermediate frequency FM10.7MHz, AM455kHz
Antenna: FM rod antenna and external antenna terminal AM ferrite bar antenna
Tape recorder section
Track system 4-track 2-channel stereo Recording method AC bias method (tape 2 only) Erasing method AC erasing method (tape 2 only) Tape used Philips standard compact cassette tape Recording time 60 minutes round trip (on C-60 tape) (Tape 2 fruit) Fast forward time 120 seconds (on C-60 tape) rewind time 120 seconds (on C-60 tape) Frequency characteristic 30~14,000Hz (normal tape) 30~15,000Hz (chrome tape) 30~ 17.000Hz (metal tape wow flutter 0.06% (WRMS) S / N55dB (tape 1 only) (playback) 50dB (tape 2 only) (green playback)
Common part Used semiconductors 121 37 transistors, 2FETs, 49 dies ode, 26 light emitting diodes, 1SCR
Speaker 16 cm woofer x 2.5 cm tweeter x 2
Practical maximum output 12W (6W+6W) EIAJ / DC (15V) (at 42 load)
Input terminal
Record player input terminal (MM type) x 2 (impedance 50K pin jack)
Power Source
AC 100V 50/60 HZ 19W
DC 15 v (10 pcs batteries UM-1)
Dimensions (W)x(H)x(D): 530 x 320 x 150mm
Weight (without batteries): 9,5 kg

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