SANYO MR-U4SL Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder


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  • Manufactured Date: 1981 of September
  • Slim U4, Just The Right Size, With A Thickness Of Approximately 6 cm
  • Stylish 2-Way Speaker With A 9.2 cm Woofer And Ceramic Tweeter
  • Light Touch Play Button, Soft Play Mechanism
  • Equipped With A 3-Position Tape Selector That Can Be Used With Metal, Normal And Even Chrome
  • Equipped With A 3-Track Skip Mechanism That Allows You To Easily Find The Beginning Of A Song
  • Fully Automatic Timer Standby Mechanism, Which Is As Advanced As A Large High-End Teleco
  • High Power W With Plenty Of Output
  • Employs A Microphone Mixing Circuit Complete With Dedicated Volume Jack

Available colors:

  • Silver
  • Red
  • Blue


1 in stock

Truck Method: 4 Tracks 2 Channel Stereo
Recording Method: AC Bias
Elimination Method: AC Erasure
Tape Speed: 4.8 cm/sec
Recording Time: 60 Minutes Round Trip (C-60)
Microphone: Built-In Condenser Microphone x 2
Fast Forward Time: 2 Minutes 00 Seconds (C-60), Rewind Time 2 Minutes 00 Seconds (C-60)
Frequency Range: 70 ~ 12.000 Hz (General Tape), 70 ~ 13.000 Hz (Chrome Tape), 70 ~ 14.000 Hz (Metal Tape)
Input Terminal: External Microphone Terminal (Mini Jack) x 2, Input Impedance 10 kΩ
Input Sensitivity: 1 mV
Mixing Microphone Terminal (Mini Jack) x 1, Input Impedance 1 kΩ, Input Sensitivity 0.5 mV
Line Input Terminal (Pin Jack) x 2, Input impedance 1 MΩ, Input Sensitivity 160 mV
Output Terminal
Line Output Terminal (Pin Jack) x 2
Output Impedance: 6 kΩ, Output 500 mV
External Speaker Terminal (Mini Jack) x 2
Impedance 2.7 Ω (Suitable For 2.7 ~ 8 Ω Speakers)
Headphone Terminal (Mini Jack) x 1 Impedance 8 ~ 35 Ω
Circuit Method: FM (Wide) FM Stereo / AM 2 Band Super Heterodyne System
Reception Frequency: FM 76 ~ 108 MHz, AM 525 ~ 1605 kHz
Antenna: FM Rod Antenna, AM Built-In Ferrite Antenna
Speaker 9.2 cm Circular 2.7 Ω × 2, Circular Ceramic Tweeter x 2
Semiconductor Used: Transistor 26 Stones, 6 ICs, Diode 42 Pieces, Including 11 Light Emitting Diodes
Practical Maximum Output: 2 W × 2(EIAJ/DC) Total 4 W
Battery Duration Approx: Can Be Used For 5 Hours And 30 Minutes / 4 Hours Of Continuous Use,
20 Hours Of Rest, Recording From Built-In Radio, Monitoring With 10 mW Output Using 5 Sanyo Fresh Red SUM-2 (F)
Power Supply: AC 100 V 50/60 Hz (Included AC Adapter D7-U4M) DC 7.5 V AA Type (SUM-2) x 5 (Sanyo Fresh Red Or Equivalent)
Car Battery 12V (car battery adapter CBA-07 sold separately)
Power Consumption: 9 W
Maximum External Dimensions: 408 (width) x 123.5 (height) x 64 (depth) mm (including protrusions)
Weight: Approximately 2kg (Including Batteries)

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