OTTO C-12 Demonstration Cassette


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A demo tape, which is really short for demonstration tape, is the music industry’s equivalent of a resume. It is a sample sound recording of a song or songs that a hopeful artist uses to catch the attention of record labels and producers. Though initially the demo tape was almost exclusively in cassette tape form, a cassette tape be used today


1 in stock

Product name: OTTO C-12
Series number:
Time period: 1976
Tape type: Type I
Songs: 1-Dr. Dragon & The Oriental Express
2-The Soul Sound Symphony
Comments: It is a demo tape of the “OTTO” brand. “OTTO” is the former audio brand of “Sanyo Electric”, and this product is either the one attached to the cassette deck sold under the brand, or a demo tape that seems to be for sales promotion. Two pieces of music are recorded on each side of 1 (A) and 2 (B) on a 6-minute one-way tape. Not to mention the nostalgia of the “OTTO” brand, the recorded songs are all reminiscent of those days.

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