NATIONAL RX-C50 Stereo Cassette Deck Tuner Amplifier


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  • Manufactured Date 1982 of October
  • Mini-Type 3-Piece Radio Cassette Recorder With Detachable Speakers
  • Built-In Dolby NR System
  • Built-In Playback Microphone Mixing Circuit
  • With Mixing Level Adjustment Knob High Performance And High Reliability Upright See-Through Type Soft Touch Mechanism
  • Full Auto Stop/Soft Eject/Timer Standby/Mechanical Pause/Recording Muting
  • Equipped With 2 Headphones Jacks For Simultaneous Listening By 2 Peoples

Available colors:

  • Metallic Gray
  • Pearl White
  • Metallic Green
  • Metallic Red


1 in stock

8 National Neo Hitop SUM-2 (NG) 12V Or External Power Supply (DC IN) 13.2V (Using Car Adapter RP-957A) Or AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 14W (For Alternating Current)
Practical Maximum Output: 8W (4W x 2) (EIAJ/DC)
Battery duration: About 5 Hours EIAJ (When Recording) About 4.5 Hours EIAJ (About VOL.8 When Playing Music) When Using National “Neo Hi-Top Dry Battery SUM-2 (NG)
Speaker: 8cm x 2PM Dynamic Speaker (Impedance 3 Ω)
Input Terminal: Small Jack (M3) Microphone (L-R)
Maximum Input Sensitivity 0.26 mV (-72 dB) Impedance Of Microphone Used (200 ~ 600 Ω) Mixing Microphone (M3) Combined Microphone (L) Impedance Of Microphone Used (200 ~ 600 Ω)
Pin Jack, Line-In (L/R) Maximum Input Sensitivity 200 mV (-14dB), Input Impedance 47 kΩ Or More
Output Terminal: Speaker Terminal (M3) Headphone (M3) Impedance 32 Ω Pin Jack, External Speaker (LR) Impedance 3 ~ 8 Ω
Line Out (L-R) Standard Output Level 360 mV
Output Impedance 4.7 kΩ Or Less
Other Terminals: DC IN jack (13.2 V)
Monitor Method: Variable Sound Monitor Method
Meter Display: 5 LED Displays x 2 (level L/R)
Mixing: Available During Playback
Maximum External Dimensions: Body 243 (Width) x 133 (Height) x 166 (Depth) MM
Speaker: 96 (Width) x 128 (Height) x 143 (Depth) MM
Weight: Approximately 4.9 kg (Including Batteries)
Attached Product:
Power Cord (QFC1100) x 1
Battery(SUM-2 (NG)) x 8
Receiving Frequency Band: FM 76 ~ 108MHz, AM 525 ~ 1605 kHz
Intermediate Frequency: FM 10.7MHz, AM 455kHz
Receiver Sensitivity: FM 3 μV/50 mW (-3 dB Limiter), AM 70μV/m/50mW
Track Method: 4-Track 2-Channel Stereo
Recording Method: AC Bias Method 61/63kHz
Erasing Method: AC Erasing Method
Tape Speed: 4.8 Cm/Sec
Recording Playback Time: 1 Hour Round Trip (Using C-60 Tape)
Motor: DC Motor (Electronic Governor System)
Wow Flutter: 0.07 % (WRMS)
Frequency Characteristic: Normal 40 ~ 12,000 Hz, CrO2 40 ~ 14,000 Hz, Metal 40 ~ 15,000 Hz


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