NATIONAL RX-5280 Radio Cassette Boombox with Box

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  • Manufactured Date 1980 of September
  • Equipped With Metal Table Compatible Functions
  • 1 Song With TPS (Tape Program Sensor)
  • Practical Maximum Output 4W + 4W=8W (EIAJ/DC)
  • Playback Quadruple Mixing (Line/Phone/Tape)
  • 2 Wireless Wired With Circuit
  • 3 Tape Positions (Metal – CrO2 – Normal)
  • With A Power Strip
  • L * R Independent 5 Consecutive LED Meters Installed
  • Soft Eject Adopted
  • With Recording Muting Mechanism
  • Listen To TV Audio (1 ~ 3 Channels)
  • With FM Wide Band

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  • Silver


1 in stock

National Neo High Top SUM-1N x 8 Pcs 12V Or External Power Supply (DC IN) 12V (Car Adapter) RD-9380 Or AC 100V (90 ~ 110V) 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 14W (In The Case Of Alternating Current)
Practical Maximum Output: 8W (4W x 2) (EIAJ / DC)
Battery Life: Approximately 11 Hours (Semi Time According To EIAJ Regulations) However (National Neo High Top When Using SUM-1N
Woofer 12 cm x 2PM Dynamic Speaker (Impedance 3Ω)
Tweeter 3 cm x 2PM Dynamic Speaker (Impedance 1.3k Ω)
Input Terminal: Microphone (L * R) Maximum Input Sensitivity 0.25mV (-72dB)
Impedance Of Microphone Used (200Ω ~ 600Ω)
Line In (L * R) Maximum Input Sensitivity 200mV (-14db)
Input Impedance 47kΩ
Phono (L * R) Maximum Input Sensitivity 5mV (-46dB) Input Impedance 47kΩ
Output Terminal: External Speakers (L * R) Impedance 3 ~ 8 Ω
Headphone Impedance 8 Ω
Line Out (L * R) Reference Output Level 360mV Loud Impedance 10kΩ
Other Terminals: Ground Terminal For Record Player)
Monitor Method: Barrier Pull Sound Monitor Method
Meter Display: Two Single Type (5 LED Display) (Level)
Mixing: Possible During Playback ( Line/Phono/Tape Wire)
Less Microphone 2 Wired Microphones
External Dimension: 467 (W) X 267 (H) X 156 (D) (Main Body)
Weight: 6kg (Including Batteries)
Receive Frequency Band: FM 76 ~ 108 MHz
AM 525 ~ 1605 kHZ
Intermediate Frequency: FM 10.7 MHz
AM 455 kHZ
Reception: FM 2μV/50mW
AM 70μV/m/50mW
Track System: 4-Track 2-Channel Stereo
Recording Method: AC Bias Method 67/69 kHz
Erasing Method: AC Erasing Method
Tape Degree: 4.8 cm/sec
Green Sound Playback Time: 1 Hour Round Trip (Using C-60 Tape)
Motor: DC Motor (Mechanical Governor Method)
Wow & Flutter: 0.2% (WRMS)
Recommended Liquid Number Characteristics: Normal 60 ~ 12.000 Hz
CrO2 60 ~ 14.000 Hz
Metal 60 ~ 17.000 Hz
Power Cord (QFC1100) x 1
Battery (SUM-1(N)) x 8
Cassette Tape (RT-30N) x 1


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