MAXELL MX-46 Metaxial Metal Cassette Type IV


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Model: Metaxial
Tape Length: C-46
Country: Japan
Release Year: 1982
Timeline: 1982-1984
Sort: MX
Series: It follows
Position: Metal
Tape Type: Type IV
Rating: Rate

Maxell MX

Maxell’s MX can handle the impressive dynamic range of today’s newest music sources such as digital audio and direct cutting system.
Noise is more than l dB lower than that at previous MX tape over the entire frequency range – thanks to New SP (Stabilized Pure) metal particles and special high-orientation treatment (TD. treatment).
With its higher output, the dynamic range of MX at high frequencies is more than 2 dB wider than that of MX42l (previous MX) tape.
Dynamic sound in the middle and low frequency ranges, excellent definition at low frequencies – MX has it all. And at higher frequencies, MX boasts a dynamic range more than twice that of conventional high-position tapes.The result is pure, dynamic sound virtually equal to that of digital audio.
The technology behind New SP metal particles gives them high resistance to oxidation, keeping the performance of MX like new over the years. With its wide bias latitude, MX ensures optimum performances with any metal-compatible cassette deck. It can also be played back with nonmetal compatible cassette decks in the high (CrO2) position.
MX is housed in the PA (Phase Accuracy) cassette shell, which virtually eliminates phase difference to deliver exactly the image at sound that was ‘heard’ by the recording equipment. Metal position identification holes are provided for automatic switching to metal position on decks which offer that feature.
First appearance in 1980.

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