MARANTZ CRS-6820 Portable Stereo Component System


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  • Manufactured Date: 1981 of September
  • 5 Graphic Equalizer Adjust The Sound
  • VU LED Meter Indicates The Left & Right Recording Levels And Playback Output Levels
  • Tape Selector Switch (NORMAL/CR02/METAL
  • External Microphone Jack (MIC)
  • Mode ISS Switch (MODE/ISS)
  • Soft Touch Controls

Available colours:

  • Silver


1 in stock

Circuit Method: 2-Band AM/FM Superheterodyne System
Receiving Frequency: FM band: 76 ~ 108MHz
AM Band: 525 ~ 1605kHz
Track System: Stereo
Sound System: AC Bias Method
Head: Erase × 1
Recording/Playback x 1
Motor: Capstan Motor x 1
Speaker: 12 cm Woofer x 2, 4 cm Tweeter x 2
Microphone: Electret Condenser x 2
Wow Flutter: ± 0.15% W Peak (EIAJ) 0.06% W.RMS
Early Winding Time: About 90 Seconds (C-60)
Frequency Range: Metal Tape 40Hz ~ 18kHz (EIAJ)
Chrome Tape 40Hz ~ 15kHz (EIAJ)
Normal Tape 40Hz ~ 14kHz (EIAJ)
Input terminal: External Microphone 0.25mV 600Ω (6Φ Jack) x 2
Phono 5mV 47 kQ (RCA Pin Jack) x 2 Auxiliary Input 280 mV 100 kΩ (RCA Pin Jack) x2
Mixing Microphone 2 mV 600Ω (6Φ Jack) x 1
Output Terminal: External Speaker 2.5Ω (RCA Pin Jack) × 2 Headphones 2.5 mW 8Ω (6Ø Phone Jack) × 1 Line 300 mV 3.8 kQ (RCA Pinjack × 2
Practical Maximum uOtput: 3W + 3W (EIAJ/DC)
Battery Duration: Approx. 5.5 hours (EIAJ) When Using Standard Dry Cell Battery SUM-1
Power Supply: AC 100V 50/60Hz
External: DC 9V AA Battery (SUM-1) x 6 Batteries
Power Consumption AC Time: 13W
Maximum External Dimensions: 561 (Width) x 237 (Height) x 143 (Depth) mm
Cabinet External Dimensions: Overall 561 (Width) x 237 (Height) x 129 (Depth) mm
Body 285 (Width) x 237 (Height) x 129 (Depth) mm
Speaker 138 (Width) x 237 (Height) x 129 (Depth) mm
Weight: 7 kg (Including Batteries)
Body 4.4 kg
Speaker 1 kg × 2
AA Battery: 6 Qty
Cassette Tape: 1 Qty
Head Cleaning Set: 1 Qty
AC Power Cord: 1 Qty

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Marantz produced many boomboxes with looks similar to this one, and the sizes ranged from small to huge. This CRS-6820 certainly has the unmistakable Marantz look. It has unique velvet colored speaker grills which are quite attractive, as well as cool LED meters, aluminum deck door, and soft touch controls. The quality feels top notch. We believe this is a domestic Japanese model.
An unusual stylistic solution in the spirit of the Tanuki designer, the ruby rods are framed by a golden frame. The fantastically successful design emphasized the uniqueness of the model to buyers. Impressions of playing the radio receiver are not heard. There are no analogues. The device was assembled by Miyako audio (later Marantz Japan).


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