AUDIO-TECHNICA Cleaning Cassette AT5016


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When your tape player happens to these situations:

  • The unbalanced sound produced or not loud enough
  • Failure to produce high-frequency sound
  • Failure to record or recordings cannot be erased

Always need to use Audio Cleaning Cassettes
Restore your audio equipment with this Cassette Tape Cleaner for all audio type players


1 in stock

  • Speedy and easy-to-operate wet-to-wipe automatic switching machine
    Equipped with structure.
  • Comes with a special cleaning liquid that is effective for both the head and running system.
  • New non-magnetic polyester material that is gentle on delicate heads
    Material adopted.
  • Clean up both head and mechanism at once, double-sided micro tape
    web processing.

Please Note

  • This tape is for cleaning only. Please note that recording and playback are not possible.
  • Please be careful not to put it in a place that gets hot (such as a car dashboard).
  • The cleaning liquid is a special liquid. Avoid mixing with other cleaning liquids. Also, be careful not to get it in your eyes or mouth.
    Avoid high temperatures when storing, and keep out of reach of children.

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